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Exotic sounding name (Tanager) for an exotic looking bird. No, they are not from Tanganyika, or Tangiers. But we live smack dab in the midst in their international airport, no passport needed.

Ditto that for the Orioles only that their name conjures up baseball and apple pie
Orchard Oriole 1Orchard Oriole 2Orchard Oriole 3Orchard Oriole 4Orchard Oriole 5Orchard Oriole 6Orchard Oriole 7Orchard Oriole 8Orchard Oriole 9Orchard Oriole 10Orchard Oriole 11Orchard Oriole-F 12Orchard Oriole-F 13Orchard Oriole-F 14Orchard Oriole-F 15Scarlet Tanager 1Scarlet Tanager 2Scarlet Tanager 3Scarlet Tanager 4Scarlet Tanager 5

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