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Pink? Spoon-like bill? ,,,, A favorite just on these two counts alone,,,, Watch as it swiftly walks along moving it's neck and by extension it''s bill in a sweeping through the water straining for small aquatic life.

Technically Spoonbills prefer the term "Roseate" to pink. I like that as well. Fancy bird

The Ibis with it recurved bill feeds in much the same manner as the spoonbill.

Both birds have captured artists dreams for millennium.
Ibis Art 1Ibis Art 2Fly Me To The MoonRose Colored Glasses 1Rose Colored Glasses 2Rose Colored Glasses 3Rose Colored Glasses 4Rose Colored Glasses 5Rose Colored Glasses 6White Ibis 1White Ibis 2White Ibis 3White Ibis 4White Ibis JuvenileMaking FriendsWhitey 1Rosy O'Grady's Spoon 1Rosy O'Grady's Spoon 2Rosy O'Grady's Spoon 3Rosy O'Grady's Spoon 4

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